PRecious celebrates a decade in business, and the best is yet to come!

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November 7, 2022

What started in a Starbucks somewhere in Singapore has become a nearly 80-strong multi-award-winning integrated PR agency with a presence across 7 countries. “This might just be the beginning,” said our MD and founder Lars Voedisch at the recent company celebrations in Phuket, Thailand, which brought together the regional team for the first time.

The agency is thriving on its skilled and diverse workforce. “It’s their ambition and drive to learn, their knowledge of the local nuances and specialised insights that sets us apart,” said Lars.

PRecious recently opened a base in the Philippines, and hired new country leads with Paolo Alba in Manila and Joey Gan in Kuala Lumpur, as well as new practice leads with Arun Saha (for our tech practice “Edge”) and Jose Raymond (for the corporate practice “Inc”) earlier this year.

But we also reacted to recent industry trends and added services beyond the traditional PR approach. PRecious now offers more strategic advisory, content and insights through a dedicated Content Strategy and Insights group. There is a growing demand for thought leadership, demand generation, investor relations and employer branding. We have strengthened our social media capabilities with new hires. And we are better positioned to drive research and analysis around issues that affect our clients.

Strong Southeast Asian footprint

The PRecious success story has been closely linked to the rise of Southeast Asia. Over the past decade, the region has had an astonishing run, lifting millions out of poverty, modernising, digitising, and creating businesses that are able to compete in the global market. Abundant international venture capital has been flowing in, hitting US$20 billion worth of deals last year, according to data provider Preqin.

Most recently though, many firms in the region have been revising growth plans and adjusting headcount, putting ambitious projects on hold. PRecious stands with its clients and partners during difficult times. We are here to help, to find solutions, and to get out the word to the different stakeholders. Sometimes, tough decisions have to be made, it’s never easy, but you have to get the message right.

The long-term outlook for the region remains intact from our perspective. In times like these, it’s invaluable to have a trusted communications partner who understands the local industry and consumer behaviour in Southeast Asia’s fragmented market. PRecious isn’t resting and continues to ramp up services and manpower. The coming decade will certainly take us beyond this region.

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