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North Ridge Partners and PRecious Communications combined have worked with over hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors to raise capital, grow their businesses, exit and establish a communications strategy designed for success.

At Southeast Asia Connect: In this fortnightly webinar series, which will also be launched in China in Mandarin, our hosts Chris Tran and Lars Voedisch share strategic actionable insights on the ecosystem and most importantly, engage, connect and co- contribute to building our wonderful community.

Please join us in our work with the entrepreneurs – the 21st century heroes who solve the problems of today to build a better future.

Get The Money

Meet the investors, know what are they investing in, discover how to get their attention, and know what do they offer? Mistakes to avoid. Meet VC’s, Corporate VC’s, Multi Billion Funds regionally and beyond.

Build the Dream

Learn from Unicorn Founders as well as those that have achieved the fabled exit. Find out which startup is next, what problems they are solving, and the opportunities they are creating.

Grow to Learn

Global Industry 4.0 is both difficult and exciting to navigate. Discover educational and inspirational content not only from startups but also investor and other experts. Walk away with actionable insights.

Fintech in Southeast Asia - More Wall Street or More Silicon Vallet

Upcoming Webinar

Fintech in Southeast Asia – More Wall Street or More Silicon Valley?

Fintech in Southeast Asia is the only sector set to nearly double funding in 2020 compared to 2019.

Out of 109 Fintech startups in Southeast Asia, 35 startups are now valued at more than $100 million.

Ant Financial is the most anticipated IPO of the year at a rumoured $250 billion, which would make it roughly the 5th largest “bank” in the world.

Fintech is not only impossible to ignore but too important not to understand.

Join us in this webinar on Fintech in Southeast Asia – More Wall Street or More Silicon Valley? In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Whether the smaller players will be able to compete for market share with the larger Unicorns like Grab, GoJek, ZaloPay, OVO, etc.
  • The revenge of the banks
  • Digital banking, and what it means in 2020
  • Embedded finance
  • What is next in the Fintech space

In this episode, we have 2 industry experts: Pinn Lawjindakul, Vice President at Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Kelvin Teo, Co-founder and Group CEO at Funding Societies.

Date: Thursday 1st September 2020
Time: 5 PM to 6 PM SGT

In this webinar on Cybersecurity – The Next Battleground, meet

Meet Your Hosts

Chris Tran

Head of North Ridge Partners Asia

Chris works with leading high-growth technology companies on capital raising, growth by mergers & acquisitions and strategic advisory. He has been an active investor, operator and corporate financier for over 15 years. His track record comprises of advising on over 50 high growth deals up to $1Bn in value across the region.

Lars Voedisch, Founder and Managing Director, PRecious Communications

Lars Voedisch

Founder and MD, PRecious communications

Lars is an experienced global communications and business professional with over 15 years of expertise in growing, managing and defending leading brands’ reputation. He has helped over 300 startups and enterprises to drive impactful communications strategies that contribute to companies’ growth objectives.

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