SEA Connect – EP6 | Social Commerce in SEA – Does it Check out?

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July 16, 2020
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August 20, 2020
Southeast Asia Connect
SEA Connect - EP6 | Social Commerce in SEA – Does it Check out?


McKinsey says that consumers “vaulted” 5 years of digital adoption in just eight weeks recently. One of the undeniable trends here is social commerce. Social commerce is the facilitation of e-commerce transactions on social media platforms via communities and conversations. It often leverages digital influencers to build customer attraction, trust and loyalty.

Pinduoduo became the third-largest retailer in China via social commerce in just three years. Jingling, another superstar raised $100 million on its Series C last year. In Southeast Asia, we have Ecomobi, Mucho and Fingo making waves in Vietnam. Ecomobi online has transacted over USD 150 Million GMV.


Topics discussed:

  • How communities and influencers are making us change our purchasing behaviour
  • Social Commerce – From nowhere to everywhere. We explore the economics of this sector and the growth appeal to investors
  • What the social commerce winners in the region are doing differently



Helen Wong, Partner (Qiming Venture Partners)

Helen Wong – “Early investments into China, then combine how the story develops today.”

Sachin Bhanot, Principal (B Capital Group)

Sachin Bhanot – “Paranoia is a great trait of founders when founders say we sleep well at night, we are not able to sleep”


Watch the full episode here.

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