SEA Connect – EP3 | Educated and Dangerous

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May 28, 2020
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July 2, 2020
Southeast Asia Connect
SEA Connect – EP3 | Educated and Dangerous


Rising wages in Southeast Asia has always meant a need for a more productive workforce in order to maintain real income growth. However, the new competitors are not lower-cost countries but are, in fact, machines. In 2017, Quarter 3, Goldman Sachs pointed out that the average cost of a tier-1 Chinese factory worker was now more expensive than a robot. Indeed US Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang cites automation as a real issue to unemployment and what got Trump into power.

For more than 99% of the population in Southeast Asia, excluding Singapore, there is no university ranked within the global 300. The greater challenge is to create high wage jobs given the lack of high-quality educational institutions.


Topics discussed:

  • Could the lack of the right education for the economy of tomorrow derail the Southeast Asian economic and social miracle?
  • How are the education design, delivery, engagement, and payment models adapting and why is it working?
  • The success factors behind the education unicorns of China and India and could Southeast Asia produce its own?



Jan Lambrechts is the CEO and founder of EPITOME. He has had a 19-year entrepreneurial career spanning five continents and was one of the early enablers of cloud (server-based) computing for enterprises and MNCs in the late 90s. Jan also founded one of the earliest commercial cloud storage platforms in the mid-2000s. EPITOME is a workforce-analytics company focused on preparing workforces for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and supporting the new norm of technology-enabled learning and working.
Jan Lambrechts – “I don’t know the degree of every single employee.”
Raj currently leads Kaizenvest’s investments in South East Asia after joining the firm in mid 2011. Prior to joining Kaizenvest, Raj was with Guggenheim partners and Helix Investments. Since 2007, Raj has invested in many medium sized companies in education, consumer and financial services sector and served as board members. As a board member Raj closely works with founders and management team to identify areas of value creation in growth strategy and operations.

Raj Shastri – “Democratise the education, desire is core.”


Watch the full episode here.


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