SEA Connect – EP7 | Impact Investing – Old Heroes with New Labels?

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July 30, 2020
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September 3, 2020
Southeast Asia Connect
SEA Connect - EP7 | Impact Investing – Old Heroes with New Labels?


Impact investment is not about “doing no harm.” Rather, it is a proactive investment to make an impact and drive positive change.

Impact investing is a young concept in Asia, but it is growing rapidly. In total, 16 percent of global impact investment AUM are allocated to East, South, and Southeast Asia, compared to 28 percent of AUM allocated to the US and Canada.


Topics discussed:

  • Impact Investing vs ESG Investing – clarifying the definitions and differences
  • Challenges & Opportunities of Impact investing in Southeast Asia
  • Outlook for continued positive societal change in SEA



Shuyin Tang, Partner at Patamar Capital

Shuyin Tang – “A lot of impact investing capital is with traditional funds, a lot of investment don’t fit the ten year life span”

Paul Meyers - Serial Entrepreneur and Asian Digital Veteran

Paul Meyers – “We need to look at different investment vehicles.”


Watch the full episode here.

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