Views From the Mills: My Most PRecious Moments

Riding the PRecious Wave—From Intern to SAE in Two Years!
Riding the PRecious Wave—From Intern to Senior Account Executive in Two Years!
December 16, 2021
PRecious Clinches “Outstanding PR Consultancy of the Year” at the IPRS PRISM Awards 2021
December 16, 2021
My Most PRecious Moments

Christmas is the perfect time for retrospection; a time to reminisce around great memories with amazing people, while looking forward to the year ahead. 

In this spirit, we asked our PRecious interns to share their most PRecious moments since embarking on their journey with us.

My Most PRecious Moments

PR 101 learning opportunities


It’s been a deep dive into the world of PR and I have been learning so much every single day. I am very grateful to have had so many people who were willing to take the time to explain basic PR 101 skills to me as I embarked on various projects. Each account has such unique qualities. I have been blessed to have so many people along the way guiding me through the different press releases and disseminations, who accept my mistakes and teach me how to improve further. It’s been a great journey thus far!

Angelique Chia Rui Yi, Junior Client Executive, Life

Moments of triumph and togetherness

My most PRecious moments revolve around hearing positive feedback from clients. As their business partner, I feel energised and empowered to deliver great work. But apart from these proud moments, I also treasure the instants of togetherness with my PRecious teammates. Learning is definitely more fun and enjoyable as a team.

Aurellia Nathania, Junior Client Executive, Indonesia office

Team bondings and feedback sessions

The camaraderie and team bonding elements I’ve experienced are some of the most PRecious moments I’ve had in my journey thus far. I like that PRecious places a strong emphasis on people, and is committed to helping them to become better and grow as much as possible. Some fond memories have been the candid feedback sessions given by my team lead, and the weekly bonding event where we played interesting games, albeit via Zoom, to get to know each other better. I will always treasure the camaraderie I continue to build with my teammates.

Audrey Loy, Graduate Trainee, Edge

Whenever I grow and learn

My most PRecious experiences involve making mistakes, taking risks, and growing. I appreciate moments when I am able to stretch my capabilities without being judged and criticised.  It also helps having colleagues who support me constantly, and who are more than happy to share advice and feedback. This has really been unique in my journey at PRecious, and has really helped motivate me to take more risks and be less afraid of failure and setbacks. 

Laura Chia, Junior Client Executive, Inc

Working in the office – before WFH became the default again

Being able to work from the office is my most PRecious moment. It’s been months since I started working at PRecious and the short period of time in September, when I was able to work alongside my Sparks team, was so fun and memorable. We were able to joke around, chill in the office pantry, and enjoy some homemade food cooked by one of the Sparkles. Most importantly, I felt I was able to learn more from my teammates. Even though technology has been very helpful in connecting us, now that work from home is the default, the experience of working together in the office was very PRecious to me.

Rosalind Della Gunawan, Junior Client Executive, Sparks

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