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January 4, 2022
How to Engage the Media When You Have Nothing to Announce
How to Engage the Media When You Have Nothing to Announce
January 26, 2022
New Year, New Adventures

It’s the new year once again, and with it comes the promise of new dreams, experiences, and learnings. PRecious Comms capped off 2021 on the back of strong growth momentum, and we’re on the way towards actualising bigger plans this year as we seize new opportunities across markets. As we are gearing up for the upcoming months, we asked our youngest members to share what they are most excited about in their adventure with PRecious in 2022.

Fostering (and strengthening) relationships

Marco Li

Moving into a new year signifies 365 days worth of new opportunities. As I enter 2022 with PRecious Communications, I look forward to working with potential clients as well as meeting and fostering stronger bonds with new and existing colleagues here at PRecious Communications. Public relations is all about relationship building and as such, one must first hone his own craft before he or she can sell it to others. That is why I personally feel that the most exciting thing that awaits me in 2022 is forging new relations with colleagues, the media, or clients. Here’s to a new year with new opportunities ahead!

Marco Li, Junior Client Executive, Life

Working with clients, meeting new teammates, conquering new challenges

This new year, I am excited about new opportunities to work with clients on both a regional and local scale. Apart from that, I also can’t wait to meet new members at PRecious Indonesia. PRecious Indonesia has big plans and dreams for 2022, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this process. As a member of this amazing team, I’m looking forward to new experiences and to conquer new challenges in 2022.

Aurellia Nathania, Junior Client Executive, Indonesia office

More physical events, learning media relations management

As offices open up, events are no longer just virtual, and that brings a realm of exciting possibilities in the world of PR. We’re no longer bound to virtual events only; we can explore new PR activities as long as we abide by safe management measures (SMMs). I’m looking forward to learning to manage media relations as we gradually shift towards physical events. And I’m excited to take on a new year of opportunities and challenges in the world of PR

Laura Chia, Junior Client Executive, Inc

Discover passions and learn new skills


During my time at PRecious, I hope to learn new skills, gain insights regarding the PR industry and perhaps most importantly to me, discover my passions! PR has been one of the industries that I have a slight inkling towards and hence am very thankful to be given the opportunity to explore it. I am so glad that we get to return to the office in 2022. Working with people makes work seem less mundane and more fun! Overall, my experience has been a pleasant one thus far. Everyone has been so welcoming and willing to answer all the questions that I have. Looking to learn more from everyone in the coming year ahead!

Shannon Lim, Junior Client Executive, Social

Exploring the world of PR, and becoming more confident


This is my first PR stint, so it’s a whole new world for me. But people here at PRecious have been really helpful and friendly, so I can’t wait for all that is in store for me. We all have different stories and I’m happy to hear from others and learn from their journeys. I hope to be more courageous, to see how far I can stretch my boundaries and where this will bring me! In this increasingly fast-paced industry,  I also hope to learn how to better cope and deliver under pressure. Most importantly, I look forward to improving myself at PRecious, to become a more confident self who is not afraid of taking risks and mistakes. Here’s to 2022!

Charlotte Lim, Junior Client Executive, Inc

Learning from the PRecious comms experts


As I begin this new year, I set off on a journey that is both daunting and yet extremely exciting—a new career path. Working in public relations has been a dream of mine for some time, and this year I finally made that dream a reality. I am enthusiastic about storytelling that is so central to PR and am keen to learn from the experienced team here at PRecious. I am eager to expand my horizons as I absorb more about the work and related industries of our clients, and look forward to finding my niche. I’m sure that with many new challenges will come an abundance of opportunities. Here’s to tackling whatever comes our way in 2022!

Michaela Emmanuelle Wong, Junior Client Executive, Malaysia

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