Vivienne’s Intern Diaries: Part 1
August 15, 2017
High Heels and Chicken Feet – My Adventure “Singapore”
October 15, 2017

By Vivianne Tan, Intern

I’m beyond words, on how much I have learnt and discovered about the PR industry during close to 3 months of internship at PRecious Communications.

From the previous time that I penned down my thoughts on this internship, I feel that I have grown out of my self-doubts to being more confident in my work, for the fact that the environment in PRecious constantly motivates me to produce better versions of work. Seeing a pitched byline for one of the clients covered across a couple of publications, drew up immense sense of accomplishment within me, for helping these some emerging start-ups to gain visibility in the markets and garnering recognition for their inspiring products or services.

Sometime this month, I got the chance to manage PRecious booth at NTU Internship Fair 2017. Through the interactions with fellow undergraduates like myself where I shared my thoughts actively on my internship experience, I hope these undergraduates can have the very opportunity to undergo what I have been through – an internship where presence and ideas are valued.

Looking back, I started out as someone with negligible background in public relations and now, I’m getting just as comfortable sending emails to clients to liaise opportunities with various publications and pitching bylines over phone calls – being more agile in switching across the different tasks. More than just these gained abilities, I found a conducive space here in PRecious, for me to pique a stronger interest in PR and most importantly, achieving personal growth. I couldn’t have been more enthralled and grateful for the array of opportunities that PRecious have given me and the generous feedback from colleagues that have truly maximized my learning experience here. The multitude of tasks that had been entrusted to me never failed to push myself out of my comfort zone.

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