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Communications is one of the most dynamic career options out there. It can be challenging at times, but it is also a very fulfilling career choice. Seeing our clients featured on TV or getting their thought leadership articles published makes the journey all worth it. 

At PRecious, we celebrate each and every win—no matter how big or small. We asked the most junior members of our team to share their greatest achievements at PRecious Communications so far.

Working on a Byline

An achievement I’m most proud of is a byline I’ve worked on for Creston. The article was about how financial institutions can derive value from a unified communications strategy. Writing a byline that moves and inspires conversation is difficult. Oftentimes, much research has to be done to provide depth, context, and direction. I’m happy that I can work on projects like this during my time at PRecious. It feels good to know that you have played a part in crafting a moving story for clients. If your byline ultimately gets published, that sense of achievement is, without a doubt, self-assuring.

Audrey Loy, Graduate Trainee, Edge

Getting Good Coverage for Clients

A mentor once told me that one should focus on building relationships, and taking concrete steps to connect with everyone, whether a colleague, a client, or any other stakeholder. Reaching out to the right media and KOLs is an effective way to gain credibility for clients through quality coverage. In turn, you help the media and KOLs by providing them with angles and content for their audiences. 

My proudest moments so far revolve around successful pitches and follow-ups. We were successful in securing interest from The Muttons for a giveaway that we did for LIVENow—even though we initially thought that it was a stretch. We actually received some good coverage from them. 

I feel equally proud when responses that we prepare for our clients are being broadcasted or published. Developing good responses takes time and thought, so that wins like this should be celebrated every time.

Sean Soh, Graduate Trainee, Life / Integrated

Disseminating My First Press Release 

Joining a PR agency, I knew that I would eventually have to send out my first-ever press release. It is a pretty daunting task. After all, a lot of things can go wrong during press release dissemination. I also found myself having to learn new software to accomplish the task. 

It really helped that my teammates were in the office when I had to do it. (It was before Singapore reverted back to the work-from-home mode). Their advice and words of assurance really boosted my confidence. I saw how they send themselves multiple test emails to check, and also got a quick crash course on using YAMM (yet another mail merge).

That first press release quickly garnered interest from a journalist who wanted to do an interview. I learned how to liaise with the media, my team, and our client to get the job done. 

Seeing the interview getting published online a few days later was pretty cool—especially since I actually had a hand in bringing this piece to fruition. I’m definitely looking forward to gaining more ‘PRecious’ experiences in October!

Laura Chia, Junior Client Executive, Inc

Learning on the job

Being able to collaborate effectively with my teammates is something that I’m very proud of. With my limited knowledge in the industry, they have given me a lot of support that has helped me improve both on the professional and personal level. 

When making the occasional mistake, they have been around to teach me how to do better next time. I’m proud of constantly pushing myself to learn. Most importantly, I am proud of being part of a fun, supportive, and talented team that can achieve great things together.

Rosalind Della Gunawan, Junior Client Executive, Sparks

Being Part of the PRecious Indo Team

I am not the type who gets satisfied easily after completing tasks. It takes a lot to feel proud of all that I’ve accomplished. 

But ever since joining the PRecious Indonesia team, I’ve given myself more pats on the back with all the  encouragement from colleagues. The most basic comments, such as “Good job,” “Well done,” or “Kudos to Nia,” make me feel good. 

I am definitely proud to have accomplished a lot of tasks for a PR intern—including tackling client issues and getting a lot of coverage. But I’m most proud of being part of the PRecious Indonesia team, a team that not only makes everyone feel appreciated but also loved.

Aurellia Nathania, Junior Client Executive, Indonesia office

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