Views From the Mill: Who Is Your Female Role Model?

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We are entering a new era of empowerment for women in the workforce. And it’s thanks to generations of great women who have been constantly challenging the status quo, from Audrey Hepburn, who not only captivated Hollywood with her grace and poise, but also charmed the world with her humanitarian efforts as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador; to Marie Curie, the first and only woman to have ever won two Nobel prizes in two different science fields. Today, we have a number of female role models choosing to challenge patriarchal views as they helm women empowerment campaigns and make remarkable contributions to society.

Outside of PRecious, we asked the youngest members of our team to share about the female role models they wish to emulate.

Views from the Mill - Female Role Model


My longtime mentor: An embodiment of duality in public and private spheres

Lim Cheng Sing, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

The duality of women in the private and public spheres has always inspired me, and that is a characteristic I see in my longtime mentor who I came across as a lost teenager in a youth programme.

My mentor wields her strength in her public sphere, as a director, founder, businesswoman, while still keeping a full time corporate role. The way she wields her power and knowledge has always been one of my sources of motivation to continually evolve as a person and professional. In singing her praises, I quickly learnt also that her successes had to come with sacrifices in her chase for everything. 

In more recent years, as she became a mother herself in her private space, these sacrifices were so much more significant. Yet she continues to amaze me with how her head and heart have learnt to align in staying true to her voice in the face of painful decisions. In knowing when to critically end situations that no longer served her vision. This courage is not built overnight, but over a series of constant hard decisions.

Contributed by Lim Cheng Sing, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

My grandmother: A perfect combination of hard and soft skills

Tania Seah, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

I would like to dedicate this post to my grandmother, for inspiring me to become a better human being.

Her level of grace and empathy in handling difficult situations never fails to amaze me. Hearing her recall her childhood, when her family had to flee from the Japanese Occupation, and how she dealt with losing loved ones, gives me courage to deal with the comparatively-minute problems I have. Having a difficult childhood made her extremely adaptable to her surroundings: Picking up basic English, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese, Hokkien, along with Chinese, she was able to start her own business selling clothing supplies. At a time when women were expected to be stay-at-home moms, she was able to provide generously to her children and grandchildren along with running her own business. She is truly the embodiment of “tough times don’t last, but tough people do”, and her feats triumph that of anyone I’ve ever met. 

Apart from that, she is also a great cook! Not something I may be able to emulate completely but she makes me want to try. If only I had half the amount of hard and soft skills she possesses, that would be enough for me.

Contributed by Tania Seah, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

Michelle Obama: More than just Barack Obama’s wife

Aishwarya Valliappan, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

We first came to know Michelle Obama as Barack Obama, the US President’s wife. However, she did not let that tag bring her down. She stood her ground, made a name for herself and told the world her views with striking clarity. The way she responded to trolls and comments about her appearance and race were jaw-dropping. I hope I can respond to such trolls and negative people in the future with the same dignity and calm demeanour she had. She was unfazed in the face of adversity and that’s one of the many numerous characteristics I hope to emulate. After reading ‘Becoming’ I was all the more awestruck at the way she handled life – the numerous adversities and incidents that came her way. The story of her becoming the woman she is now inspires you to believe that you can do anything you set your heart on! Michelle instils in you the confidence and passion to carve your own path, come what may. 

Contributed by Aishwarya Valliappan, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

My mother: The strongest woman I know

Melisa Hanjaya, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

When talking about role models, I immediately thought of a woman whom I have known my whole life: my mother. 

I have been in awe of my mom for as long as I could remember. She is the strongest woman I know, and I aspire to be as strong as she is. My mom is a tenacious business woman who always works her hardest to provide the best for our family. She always puts her family first despite everything; she is the shield that always protects our family. 

Although I know that I could never give back everything she has given me, I will keep doing my best to make her proud. From my mom’s example, I am reminded that we women are brave and strong. We possess integrity. We are independent and emotionally intelligent. We have great opinions and are capable of a lot of great things – especially breaking stigma and stereotypes. Happy International Women’s Day!

Contributed by Melisa Hanjaya, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications


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