What We Can Learn From Unusual Marketing Campaigns

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Sometimes creativity can strike from the strangest places. A unique client request may seem like a waste of time, but not following through can turn out to be a wasted opportunity. Knowledge comes from all sources. While some client requests may seem unconventional and difficult to execute, more often than not, these kinds of requests are the ones that teach us the most valuable lessons.

Here is Lars’ comment as featured in Forbes’ article – ‘13 Unique Marketing Campaigns and the Valuable Lessons They Teach’

A former NGO client wanted to create awareness for leukaemia by collaborating with a locally famous runner. After some scepticism, we set up treadmills at a crowded CBD location, asking office workers to join the runner’s quest of completing a marathon on the treadmill — with every mile leading to donations. “Running in your heels is hard? It’s nothing compared to those suffering.”

Discover tips from twelve other experts as they talk about some of the most unique and challenging client campaigns they have ever worked on and the insights they were able to gain from these.

Why are we even talking about this?

This article provides more than just a reminder that strange requests can teach you something new; rather, it hopes to emphasise the power of hindsight. In the hustle and bustle of agency life, we come across a variety of client requests, which we normally fulfil without questions as we work towards beating client deadlines. And it is only after evaluating the experience in hindsight that we realise learnings and insights gained from them.

Unusual requests can also benefit the agency vastly. Success can bring a lot of attention to the agency who ran the campaign. Most of all, imagine your agency setting a new trend. After all, unusual doesn’t mean bad.

To succeed in a creative industry such as communications, one must keep an open mind and try and learn from every experience. One also needs to have the right attitude. And with the right attitude, one sees every moment as a lesson and an opportunity to grow.

Although executing unusual client requests may seem challenging initially, they provide one with the confidence and invaluable experience to take on similar tasks in the future. Beyond developing technical skills, these experiences hone one’s time management skills and enable one to better cope with pressure. And these are the most important skills to succeed not only in this field, but also in day-to-day life.

The next time clients hurl an unusual request, don’t let the sceptic in you dismiss their idea completely. You might be surprised that it might actually turn out to be one of the best learning opportunities you will ever experience,

Lars Voedisch, Founder and Managing Director of PRecious Communications, was featured in the ‘Leadership’ section of Forbes on March 23, 2020, in an article entitled, “13 Unique Marketing Campaigns and the Valuable Lessons They Teach”.

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