Uncovering the Truth: PR Storytelling, Ethics and Trust in Southeast Asia

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FUSE x PRecious Communications

In a recent episode on FUSE,  Lars Voedisch, Principal Consultant and Managing Director at PRecious Communications, chatted with Dan Gold about ethics, business, localised communications and trust from a Southeast Asian perspective.

Here are some insights from the podcast episode:

  • Don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all communications approach when trying to attack a fragmented market like Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia’s markets are very different when it comes to culture, language, development stage, media, and business landscape. You need to take into account various nuances to be able to optimise your reach.
  • Always consider the target audience and their media consumption mix as you conceptualise your communications initiatives. This would define the channels you need to leverage to deliver your key message. 
  • PR is not a conversion tool to drive up online sales, but it can help with differentiation, especially in terms of strengthening your unique selling proposition, trust, and authority.
  • PR should not be a means to manipulate people. Communications professionals have the moral responsibility to uphold the truth and consider the implications of campaigns to the wider community.

Watch the full episode here. The podcast is also available on Apple and Spotify

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