The PR Playlist: Music to Awaken the Creative Spirit

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August 1, 2022
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the pr playlist

PR playlist

Music has been known for its therapeutic and mood-boosting properties. Many venues use songs as background music to create a certain ambience: Fine dining restaurants typically opt for soft, dulcet tones, while fitness clubs go for more upbeat music and most shopping malls play pop music. Just having the right sound playing in the background can do wonders in uplifting spirits, boosting the overall mood, and alleviating stress. Even us communications consultants can attest to the power of music in inspiring fresh ideas whenever we’re on a creative low. 

Check out the music that has helped some of us get over writer’s block, empowered us to come up with great ideas for our award-winning campaigns, and accompanied us as we drafted articles and presentation decks.

Hans Zimmer

For the last three decades, Hans Zimmer has created some of cinematic history’s most moving and memorable soundtracks that have taken moviegoers on epic audio journeys through time and space. His music has transported us from the gladiator arenas of the Colosseo and the pirate-infested waters of the Caribbean to distant galaxies. Zimmer’s powerful scores have aptly crystallised moments of pain and glory, adding just the right amount of gravitas or pomp. Whenever you’re experiencing writer’s block, listening to Zimmer’s hits can easily elevate your mood and quickly get you into the right headspace to finally finish your writing assignment – with flying colours.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has managed to capture pain, nostalgia, and the bliss of love in melodies and lyrics that resonate with audiences around the world. It isn’t surprising that the millennial singer has won several awards for her music: Her brilliant songwriting, coupled with her directing prowess, has given us memorable music videos that have popularised country music for a new generation. Emotional, real, therapeutic, and personal, the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s songs speak to the heart, delivering clear messages and life lessons in a succinct—yet creative—way. Communications practitioners looking to amp up their storytelling game can definitely pick up a thing or two from Taylor Swift when it comes to using words effectively to create deep impact in the minds and hearts of audiences. 


You can never go wrong with the music of Mozart. There is something about his compositions that both soothes and unlocks the creative spirit. Having a hard time coming up with fresh story angles for an existing client? Struggling with the right words to make your byline pitch-worthy? Look no further: Mozart’s music has been proven to magically help speed up the ideation process. Try listening to Mozart before your next big client presentation. Besides experiencing its calming effects, don’t be surprised to feel a sudden burst of positive energy afterwards!

Have additional songs to add to this playlist? Reach out to our team to keep the conversation going!

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