PRecious Communications Shares Insights on the Future of Blockchain Technology at Bizcom’s 21st Investor Gathering, Jakarta Indonesia

PRecious Wins Gold – “Best PR Agency in Asia and ANZ” at the 15th Stevie Awards Gala Event Held in London
October 23, 2018

Prayaank Gupta, Head of Growth and Innovation at PRecious shares the importance of branding for blockchain companies

Prayaank Gupta, Head of Growth and Innovation at PRecious Communications shares the importance of branding for blockchain companies


It was an absolute honour for PRecious Communications to be a part of Bizcom Indonesia’s 21st Investor Gathering, Jakarta, sharing the stage alongside the likes of Microsoft, HaraToken, Lyfe, BIIDO, Indodax. Attended by over 50 investors and business leaders, we spoke in detail about blockchain: its current state of business adoption in Southeast Asia, ICOs as a viable fundraising mechanism, and most importantly, the importance of building reputation and credibility.

So, what was Prayaank Gupta – Head of Growth and Innovation at PRecious Communications’ key messages for blockchain-focused businesses?

  1. Simplify what you do so that a more general audience can understand your brand’s message. Move from techspeak/geekspeak to business speak.
  2. Highlight the problem(s) that your blockchain startup is solving, and how you address this – no one needs a solution to a problem if they do not know the problem even exists.
  3. For their token communities, communicate transparently and openly, especially around business momentum.

Speaking alongside Prayaank Gupta, were the following individuals:

  • Mr. Azis Syamsudin, Ketua Badan Anggaran DPR RI
  • Mr. Irving Hutagalung, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
  • Mr. Alexander Jatra, CFO at HaraToken,
  • Mr. Sankalp Shangari, Advisor at Tokenasia
  • Mr. Indra Darmawan, CEO at Lyfe
  • Mr. Aditia K Mokoginta, CEO at BIIDO and
  • Mr. Oham Dunggio, Business development and Spokesperson at Indoindex

About Bizcom Indonesia
Bizcom Indonesia was established on March 2017 in Jakarta. Bizcom Indonesia actively spreads awareness on business and technology areas. The main goal of Bizcom Indonesia is to move forward on investment, especially on agriculture field. Bizcom Indonesia also holds monthly gatherings to build their network and connect key players in business from middle-class.

Bizcom Indonesia also builds an ecosystem for businessmen and businesswomen named Business Community. The ecosystem consists of bankers, investors, business owners, start-up founders, and professionals for at least 2500 people and the number is increasing. Bizcom is focusing its growth on the middle-class community in Indonesia as the World Bank emphasises the importance of expanding middle-class community to boost economic growth and broaden prosperity.


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