Poh Heng Dazzles in Rebranding Campaign With PRecious Communications

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Poh Heng Dazzles in Rebranding Campaign with PRecious Communications

PRecious Communications served as the public relations consultant for Poh Heng Jewellery as they rolled out their rebranding efforts in mid-2021. 

We provided strategic advisory on content and public relations tactics throughout the five-month campaign, with a three-pronged objective:

  • Introducing Poh Heng’ rebranding efforts;
  • Raising the profile and build awareness for Poh Heng’s Created for Love campaign, with product launches and education tracks;
  • Establishing Poh Heng as a homegrown, modern jewellery brand entrenched with family values and tradition

We rolled out the rebranding campaign in three sub-campaigns, which served to amplify various facets of Poh Heng Jewellery, while leveraging three distinct themes and storylines that centre around different facets of love: romantic love, the love between mother and child, and love for the country. 

Created for Love

Through Poh Heng Jewellery’s Creative for Love campaign, we helped drive the narrative around Singapore’s multicultural heritage and tradition. The campaign delivered a clear message for diversity and inclusivity that resonates with Singaporeans, while bringing Poh Heng Jewellery’s iconic spirit to life through colourful scenes in Chinese, Malay, and Indian wedding traditions that transcend barriers in age, religion, and race.

The stories of the three women—representing local brides of various ethnicities—amplified the messaging around Poh Heng Jewellery’s ability to harness tradition in transformative life experiences i.e. the wedding represents an important milestone in the life of Singaporeans. At the same time, the stories highlighted how the jeweller’s new bridal collection tastefully blends tradition with modernity, and how it can serve as a family heirloom enjoyed for generations to come.

Through our communications efforts, we tried to position Poh Heng as a one-stop boutique for couples. 

Poh Heng Baby

Through solid communications initiatives, Poh Heng crystallises the sentimental and unbreakable bond between parent and baby. Jewellery can help amplify this bond and become symbolic in marking important milestones across various phases of a child’s life. By leveraging Pamela Seow, Poh Heng’s assistant general manager and a mother herself, as the spokesperson in interviews, the narrative achieved more breadth and depth, as she was able to humanise the brand through her personal experiences. She shared how jewellery has become a significant part of her bond with her own mother, how jewellery crystallises some of her fondest memories, and how she intends to keep the tradition of gifting jewellery with her own daughter. 

Poh Heng Legacy

The homegrown jeweller shed light on its Singaporean roots with its Poh Heng Legacy campaign, which was launched in time for Singapore’s 56th National Day. The narrative was built on the brand’s Created for Love philosophy, showcasing Poh Heng Jewellery’s rich history and heritage which spans more than seven decades. It highlighted how the brand has established itself as Singapore’s trusted jeweller across generations. Through strategic storytelling, Poh Heng helped instil “national pride” among Singaporeans with elements like Peranakan design in its jewellery collection and local collaborations with local names such as Cheng Yew Heng Candy Factory, while sharing the rich Singaporean culture to a wider regional audience. 

We also leveraged the news around Poh Heng Jewellery’s iconic Legacy collection to announce the reopening of their refurbished store at JEM, and helped amplify it through key opinion leaders who spread awareness on social platforms.

The campaign resulted in 45 pieces of coverage, including in top tier regional and lifestyle publications such as Buro, Marketing Interactive, and The Straits Times, between May and September 2021.

The campaign was recognised as the winning entry for the Consumer Award – Low Budget category at PRCA APAC Awards 2022.

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