PRecious Communications Joins the DoubleUp Pledge to Support Gender Equality

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PRecious joins DoubleUp

While the last few years have definitely seen improvements in women’s role in offices, gender biases remain prevalent in industries across Singapore, resulting in occupational inequality. 

This International Women’s Day, PRecious Communications is proud to announce that we are now part of the growing community of organisations that pledge to offer four weeks of paid paternity leave, so fathers get to spend additional time with their newborns and support their partners with caregiving duties. 

We  have joined the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore’s (SwedCham) DoubleUp pledge, which has 25 supporters to date since November 2019. Besides PRecious Communications, other pledgers include ABB, AstraZeneca, H&M, and Volvo.

Gender inclusivity and diversity is a cause we feel truly passionate about. We helped drive SwedCham’s #candid campaign late last year as their PR partner, supporting them with the launch of #candid: 100 Perspectives on Gender Equality”, a book that features the perspectives of 100 men across different walks of life; and helping spur awareness on DoubleUp, to empower more organisations to support the pledge.

Beyond being part of the DoubleUp pledge, PRecious Communications is ensuring that both women and men are given ample opportunities to succeed in our agency as we strengthen our diverse and multicultural team. We are happy to share that we currently have a 50% gender balance regionally, with women leaders across markets. 

Through these initiatives, we hope to do our part in moving the needle towards a more inclusive and sustainable society and help change the narrative around gender equality across Southeast Asia and beyond!

Let’s continue the conversation on gender equality, and work towards eliminating gender-related biases! Drop us a line to have a chat.

**Note: The number of DoubleUp pledgers has been updated as of 29 March 2022.

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