Intern Diary: Keep yourself productive while working from home

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September 30, 2020
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October 5, 2020
Remote working or telecommuting has provided benefits to a specific group of people, especially for working mothers, students, and business workers.

Intern Diary: Keep Yourself Productive While Working From Home

Before COVID-19, plenty of people fantasise of working remotely. The thought of not needing to travel to the office in favour of more rest, family and me time bring them a positive outlook. Remote working has been here for a while, and it is nothing new. However, when COVID-19 is around, employees have become victims of presenteeism and result in harmful implications towards mental health and body. While remote working has its negative implications, it has its benefits as well, such as being able to save cost and time from travelling, increased energy levels and better productivity.
We asked the youngest members of the PRecious Communications team to share insights on how do they keep themselves productive while working from home.


Remote working or telecommuting has provided benefits to a specific group of people, especially for working mothers, students, and business workers.


Resist the pandemic’s “Métro, Boulot, Dodo” 

Staying productive while working from home may seem easy, however, staying within your “home office” might become mentally challenging and strongly demotivating after some time. The daily routine becomes extremely monotonous consisting of “wake up – shower – work – lunch – work – sign off”. 

The reduced social interaction and disturbing factors might have a deceptive imprint on productivity and mental health. Some of my daily tips on “how to stay sane & deliver”:

  • Rise & shine  – wake up early and use pre-work time with wisdom for good – exercise, meditate to charge your batteries up with energy for the day
  • Dress up – wear smart casual, this helps to create a proper working environment
  • Stick to agenda – set a sharp timing for check-in, lunch and log out; avoid the “work-is-life” attitude and keep the duties within the allocated timeframe

Anastasiia Tsilyk – Junior Client Executive


Fight off the grey fog of the mundane

Working from home has increased the flexibility and capacity of my time. But, this has also led to what feels like a constant need to be logged on round the clock. Time just passes in a blur while you’re rooted in front of your screen. This can be mind-numbingly draining, especially restricted to the monotony of working by yourself in the same spot day in and day out.

To keep me productive, while it may sound counterintuitive, I like to balance out my day with non-work-related activities that help me fight off the grey fog of the mundane. Small breaks doing things I like, such as listening to music or scrolling through social media really helps to keep me sane. Being organised and clearly outlining what needs to be done in the day also keeps me on track, saving me time and energy from frazzled on-the-fly hustling.

Tisha Martinez – Junior Client Executive


Instant coffee is a must-have 

Working from home has worked well for me. I have been able to enjoy the merits of planning my schedule, taking breaks when I need them, and having my personal space. Understandably, some may worry about staying productive while working from home. Here are two tips that have helped me stay productive:

  • Start the day early with a beverage of your choice: It is always great to start the day on a good note. For me, instant coffee is a must-have to get through a long day at work.
  • Do not hold back when you need a toilet break: Sometimes, parting with the work at hand may seem extremely hard, especially when you are rushing a deadline. However, doing so could help improve your much-needed concentration.

Grace Chan – Junior Client Executive


Setting goals within your working hours

Working from home is no longer the new normal. As the lines between work and home blur, it’s easy to get carried away working for hours with no end in sight. Remaining productive while not allowing work to take over my personal life is key, as work from home is here to stay.

To ensure I don’t overwork myself, I set a time every day to remind myself to log off by 6.30 pm at the latest. By giving myself an end of the day, I force myself to finish tasks within office hours. To help myself finish these tasks on time, I also create daily and weekly goals to ensure that work is done efficiently ahead of time. Goal setting has proven to be successful for me, especially when the workload is the heaviest.

Thiviya Sri Suria – Junior Client Executive



Maintaining constant focus and productivity has always been a challenge for me – even before the pandemic. I’ve always had the idea that a professional should be able to follow a strict daily routine to stay productive. Therefore, I used to make plans or routines to keep myself productive, only to feel dejected or demotivated whenever I find myself struggling to keep up a week later and having to change plans. 

In the end, I just stopped worrying. Thinking back, I spent too much time planning and too little doing. It’s alright not to be able to stick to a plan for a long time and to change up your routines now and then. The key point is to keep going, even if you have to freestyle.

Wilson Dewantara Wijaya – Junior Client Executive

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