Intern Diaries: What excites you about embarking on an internship in a Public Relations agency?

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February 4, 2021
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February 4, 2021

New year, new opportunities, a fresh batch of interns for PRecious Communications. It is an exciting time for our PRecious interns as they embark in this exciting and fast-paced industry. It’s their first office job for many of them, with a sense of excitement for what their professional journeys entail for the next six months. Thankfully, they have joined us during Phase 3 here in Singapore, where we are back in the office on a limited basis. The face time with other colleagues, gaining a sense of office culture and the in-person camaraderie and tapping their Manager’s shoulders to quickly sort an activity undoubtedly presents a more conducive learning environment as we return to the office.



We asked the youngest members of the PRecious Communications team to share what excites them about embarking an internship in a Public Relations agency.


The Ecosystem is Bigger than I Imagined

The real fun (and challenge!) of working in a PR agency is always about finding out what you did not know. I came into PRecious with a passion for startup innovation, a background in marketing and no experience in public relations, but in a short few weeks, I have begun to realise that the ecosystem is bigger than I imagined and that I have a long way to go in gaining the critical skills and sensitivities that you need in PR. Just like (and if not harder) than a startup experience. I come to work every day, feeling a bit more excited about finding nuances and solutions even in the daily tasks I do.

Contributed by Lim Cheng Sing, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications


To Create Relationships with Clients and Media Excites Me Most

A jack of all trades and a master at everything is what you can expect to gain from an internship in a PR agency. Stepping foot into a PR agency was in the middle of what I expected and getting my mind blown. The industry has always reigned supreme to me since I came to know of it while taking my diploma. The opportunity to create relationships with clients as well as media excites me most. It is where I pick up skills to go forth in my career and expand my worldview from being on multiple accounts that vary from one another.

Contributed by Nur Nadhirah Binte Salemi, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications


Learning the In-and-Outs of Client’s Industry

I initially wanted to embark on an internship in a PR agency because I heard that life here is very exciting and we could stand to learn many necessary skills in the communications field. However, the opportunity turned out to be more than what I expected – learning the in-and-outs of each client’s industry, maximizing efficiency in the work we do and learning how to build valuable relationships with those we work with. This internship is expanding my horizons with each day and I look forward to the challenges that the next few months will bring!

Contributed by Tania Seah, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications


I’m Super Excited to Learn and Grow

You learn something new when you step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge. This internship at PRecious is one step towards charting a career for myself in a new city. Though I’ve had experience in India, Singapore, and Southeast Asia are different ball games altogether, I’m super excited to learn and grow through this internship. The immense potential and opportunities this internship provide – the fast-paced environment of a PR agency, the unique brands and clients we get to work with and the numerous different people we talk to – this is what makes it really exciting! The world of public relations is phenomenal, and PRecious is the gateway to this bustling city.

Contributed by Aishwarya Valliappan, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications


The Profession is So Diverse that Everything Changes Quickly

I find it extremely attractive that the profession is so diverse that everything changes quickly, and every day is different. Such a dynamic environment is certainly very exciting. Working in a PR agency allows me to be surrounded by professionals that I can look up to and who will mentor me throughout my experience. Even as an intern, I get to see many things that are constantly going on with the clients and the companies as a whole. I earn a behind-the-scenes look at public, media and client relations – something not as quickly learned in a classroom.

Contributed by Merdise Ong, Junior Business Development Executive, PRecious Communications


Keen on embarking in a career in PR?  Contact us around our 6 months internship programme at PRecious Communications to gain exposure at one of Singapore’s leading PR firms. We welcome graduates and students from universities, polytechnics or junior colleges from all backgrounds who are passionate about communicating in an impactful way.


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