Intern Diary: What are you thankful for at PRecious?

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December 1, 2020
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December 1, 2020

It’s that time of the year again, with Thanksgiving just around the corner! And we should realise that Thanksgiving is not just about feasting on turkey and fending off a well-deserved food coma. Its true essence lies in being thankful for all the beautiful things we have, including our jobs.

For adults, we spend most of our time at work. We frequently rub shoulders with our colleagues, developing client relationships, optimising our skillset and doing what we are so passionate about – our job.



We asked the youngest members of the PRecious Communications team to share what are they thankful for at work.


Thanking people, who make all the difference

The warm and deep feeling of gratefulness might be one of the brightest a human can express. As this year has introduced numerous challenges from the life safety perspective, the simple notions of physical and mental well-being have gradually gained tremendous importance. What has also played a crucial role for me personally, is being with people, who constantly stood by my side.

Throughout my PR-adventure at PRecious, I was surrounded by an indefatigable and creative team, where people would always support, advise and guide me throughout the sophisticated art of communication and public relations. The energy that nourishes their endless efforts in achieving better results and applying smarter strategies has been continuously inspiring me and this priceless experience is probably something I am most grateful for.

Contributed by Anastasiia Tsilyk, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications



Darren has been instrumental in my journey at PRecious

Tisha Martinez, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications

As a young padawan trying to navigate the foreign wilderness of PR, I’m beyond grateful for the guidance and support of my colleagues. My manager Darren has been there to show me the ropes since day 1 and has been instrumental in my journey at PRecious.

Many other kind souls have also taken me under their wing, though I have yet to get the chance to snap a pic with them, and they’ve really made stormy days seem brighter and more manageable. From laughing through the stress together and finding ways to help each other, my teammates are the MVPs of my thanksgiving cornucopia.

Contributed by Tisha Martinez, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications



Thankful for sharing the passion, joy and struggles

Toh Liu Han, Junior Business Development Executive, PRecious Communications

Stepping in a new industry can always be challenging as one steps into the unknown. One cannot always expect to receive a helping hand constantly, especially in an SME, but I’ve received guidance not only from my direct bosses but also from managers across different departments and countries.

I’m thankful for sharing the passion, joy and struggles with my colleagues and clients in bringing the bigger picture together. The picture shows the planning stages prior to our weekly webinar, to our mandatory pick-me-up after it’s over. Because at the end of the day, one should reflect on your accomplishments and give a little pat on your shoulder – you did great!

Contributed by Toh Liu Han, Junior Business Development Executive, PRecious Communications



Grateful for nudging me in the right direction

The last feeling one would expect in a new job is comfort and familiarity, but that’s exactly what I’ve felt from day one with my Edge team. Each of them has been nudging me in the right direction so that I take wings on my own very soon. It’s the best kind of nurturing any person needs when they’re starting out, and I’m truly grateful to them. They have been kind, sweet and patient in dealing with my myriad doubts and questions. I haven’t had a chance to interact with many others in the office, but I’m sure they will be as delightful as the fascinating Edge team. Overall, my Edge team is a warm embrace that soothes me even on tough days.

Contributed by Aishwarya Valliappan, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications



Thankful for the lucid presence of PRecious people

Team meetings and office sessions are days to not be taken for granted,  purely due to the lucid presence that PRecious people have. This year has been a roller coaster one, but joining the PRecious team has marked a great highlight in my life. Every day, I get to be encouraged in the process of developing myself to be a better communicator in the PR industry. Learning is the only gift which has no end button, and learning together with this bunch of remarkable individuals never fails to awe me. Go PRecious! 😀

Contributed by Jeslin Kaur, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications



Guidance and directives are my most valuable takeaways

As we are coming to the end of the year, there are many moments to look back and be thankful for here at PRecious. But the guidance and the directives from my team members would be the most valuable takeaways from this internship.

I have grown a lot (though still learning) and have overcome many challenges along the way. This
learning journey would not have been possible without the team’s care and concern. And of course, not forgetting, our wonderful clients, who have been working closely with the team – always imparting their expertise and widening my perspectives.

Contributed by Grace Chan, Junior Client Executive, PRecious Communications



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