Combatting Pandemic Fatigue as a Communications Professional
July 7, 2021
Views From the Top: Big, Bold or Left Behind?
July 9, 2021

With the first half of 2021 in review and the next six months in view, the time is right for another round of reflection and retrospection. It is the perfect time to gauge where we are in our growth journeys – and whether or not we are on track towards hitting our 2021 goals. 

In the spirit of reflection – we ask our PRecious interns to share three things from pre-COVID days they miss the most, three things they’re doing everyday to balance safety and sanity while working from home, and three of their midyear resolutions. 

Pursuing online and sporting hobbies; learning skills at work

Daniel Chang - PRecious Communications

Gathering friends to share meals, playing badminton, and seeing people frolicking in the town area – these are some simple things that I’ve taken for granted before the pandemic. But even if we’re confined mostly at home these days, there’s thankfully no shortage of resources on the internet to keep us entertained. I frequently catch up with friends using online platforms such as Discord and Zoom. I’ve also been gaming more. Thankfully, Netflix and YouTube are around to help me battle ennui. I’m definitely spoiled for choice: Given the sheer number of shows and anime available on different live streaming platforms, I could easily chance upon something good to watch. On weekends, I play golf. I’m grateful that Singapore allows us to play golf; the sport allows me to exercise, refresh and get in touch with nature. 

My summer this year has definitely been vastly different from summers pre-COVID-19. I embarked on an internship journey at PRecious – and my HR internship has helped me learn a lot of HR-related skills, which will definitely aid me in my future career. Overall, probably nothing I would/could do differently, given the current situation.

Tech-enabled tools – Netflix, Zoom, online games – help me combat pandemic fatigue. Even simple actions like taking a walk in the park or a short run have been helpful.

Contributed by Daniel Chang, HR Intern, PRecious Communications

Dedicating “me” time everyday

It seems so surreal to think that the pandemic today will become an event immortalised in future history books – something future children will read and learn about in school. There is no doubt that the pandemic has altered our way of life. I have become a homebody, but I am grateful for this time to explore many new hobbies as well. Meanwhile, my internship at PRecious keeps me on my toes – and it’s been very fulfilling so far, as I’m learning valuable skills that will serve as a foundation for my future career.

I definitely miss those times when we can gather as a group with family and friends – whether for a simple meal, or for special occasions and celebrations. But there’s a silver lining: The lack of opportunities to dine out has sparked my interest in cooking. I enjoy exploring new recipes these days and I continue to grow and become more conscious of the nutritional value of the food I consume.

Being unable to go for in-studio yoga classes got me to be more disciplined in keeping up with my yoga practice at home, too. Yoga is one activity that has helped me become more in touch with my mental health. 

I think it is important for all of us to take mindful self-care breaks, especially during this period when work and life have sort of blended together. Allot some “me” time everyday to pamper yourself – even if it’s as simple as taking a hot shower (like in my case).

Jami Siew, Junior Client Executive, Brands

Nurturing the mind and the body

Hitting the midyear mark is a call for us to hit pause, look back and reflect on what we can do better.

Amidst the pandemic’s soaring highs and damning lows, I learned that I miss people the most. I find myself longing for everyday moments that I’ve taken for granted for many years before COVID-19 hit: catch-up sessions with friends over a fun game of Catan or Avalon, afternoon bants with colleagues over a delicious lunch from the nearby Maxwell Food Centre, or simply regular meetups with my external family.

But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. Physical restrictions and logistics challenges have allowed us to discover alternative communication channels such as Zoom, to catch up with friends. I found an opportunity to work as an intern at PRecious. Over the last few weeks, I found myself practicing the healthy habit of reading national and regional news everyday.

To combat pandemic fatigue, I have started practicing mindfulness – an effective tool for regulating emotions. Looking back on the past year, there have been a number of endeavours that I wish I had started earlier. Understanding the importance of mental health is one, and learning to reach out to friends or even experts when I am feeling down rather than simply brushing the feeling off is another. I’ve learned the value of participating in regular exercise as a means to stay fit. Physical activities release dopamine and serotonin, which boost brain function and help us stay productive and alert. I’ve also realised the importance of picking up a new skill or hobby to  keep life interesting and nurture the mind.

Contributed by Joy Loh, Junior Client Executive, Brands

On cultivating healthier habits

The pandemic has definitely altered our lifestyles. I definitely miss three things in the pre-COVID-19 world: overseas travel; large reunions with relatives and friends; and walking around without a mask. 

I find myself spending most of my time at home, learning more about PR and comms as an intern at PRecious. I’ve also been discovering new hobbies and passions such as sewing and photography. I watch Korean dramas and different variety shows to relax. I’m grateful that technology allows me to access a vast number of online resources for learning and entertainment. 

Staying at home is comfortable, so it’s very easy to fall into the trap of being sedentary in the new normal. I realised that I haven’t been active that much and that I haven’t really gone out for walks or runs for a really long time. I’ve found myself using gadgets more these days. Not taking breaks in between using gadgets, however, is a very unhealthy practice. While hanging out with large groups is still not possible, one shouldn’t make that an excuse for not socialising at all. It’s actually very easy to make a video call to catch up with friends. 

There are a lot of habits I wish to change. And with barely six months to go before the year ends, I hope to cultivate healthier habits – it’s never too late to start, after all. 

Contributed by Megan Lim, Junior Client Executive, Edge

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