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April 12, 2018
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May 2, 2018

Dynamisch: Few people would expect a NTU Chinese Studies undergraduate to venture into public relations. It was a surprise, certainly a pleasant one, and an indelible first internship experience.

By Puah Hui Sze, Intern

It has been one month and three weeks into my internship, approximately half way through my period at PRecious Communications. I must say, what I have been through is beyond and better than what I have expected. To begin, I was deciding between simply giving tuition to fill time during my vacation or to experience an internship for the first time after close to 17 years of being sheltered within the education system. Contrary to studying a related major to PR, I am actually a geography major in university and have always been interested in the PR industry. Never have I thought that the latter was indeed one of the best decisions I have made this far.

I have to admit that the first few weeks of my PR days in PRecious was pretty intense, especially since I have negligible background in PR. However, amidst completing the tasks, I found joy and immense sense of accomplishment. From researching to know more about the tech start-ups landscape, to meeting several deadlines within a day, it pushes myself out of my comfort zone and to keep up with the highly-charged working environment.

To date, I have been exposed to tasks like daily media monitoring, drafting interview responses, award entry, media lists, testimonials, researches for Glispa, Xero, Hillstone, North Ridge Partners to name a few. Not forgetting, meeting founder of Quantum Inventions for an interview over skype and taking photographs for Young Living RevOILution event.

It has been a truly inspiring and journey of steep learning curve that I have embarked on. I am forever grateful for the colleagues here, who are generous with their feedbacks and for their unwavering support. Working alongside PRecious team of smart and motivated people, has been the driving force to bring out the best in me.

As what this post is titled, “Dynamisch”, dynamic in German, in essence encapsulates my internship experience at PRecious so far, for it has been an intriguing and fascinating ride. The diverse range of tasks keeps me going and there is always something to learn almost everyday. But let’s see what kind of exciting opportunities the second part of my internship will bring…

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