How to Up Your Content Marketing Game With PR

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October 30, 2020
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Brands that are able to woo their consumers over cannot rest on their laurels just yet and assume their consumers are in it for the long haul. If there’s a lesson the recent crisis has taught us, the way a brand communicates trust has an impact on consumer loyalty. After all, when it comes down to the numbers, it is five to seven times more expensive to win a new customer over than it is to retain one.

A company’s PR department more often than not would depend on content from the content marketing team as a basis for a company’s key messaging. With the advent of digital marketing, many are saying that the PR industry will cease to exist. But this is simply a misconception: Content marketing and PR actually complement each other – and this synergy is what opens up new ways of engagement and publicity.

Here are three key steps to elevate your content marketing game with PR.


1) Consistency in messages

PR teams that work hand in hand with content marketing teams are likely to produce better results, in terms of clarity in their messages. Neil Patel, highlighted as one of the top 10 marketers by Forbes, said that PR and content marketing is “an inevitable marriage” that would come to fruition in each organisation.

Together, PR and content marketing can strengthen message consistency – positioning the brand better in the public eye. Yet, the action is taken from two different fields with similar perspectives to provide a strong brand image for the stakeholders.


2) Better SEO

SEO has become integral for many companies across industries to gain visibility in Google. It is essential that both content marketing and PR teams incorporate SEO in their content development process. Your company’s website can rank better through SEO content optimisation. Having a high Google rank will result in more traffic on-site, more engagement and more importantly, increase of leads/sales.


3) Brand outreach and networking

The collaboration between PR and content marketing teams can boost the public’s view of one’s brand. “Public” here means people who are investors, partners and consumers who are eager to be ‘wowed’ by brands around the world. It is possible for brands’ PR teams to achieve a significant quality of outreach and stakeholder network, given the strong support of their respective content marketing teams.  Delivering a strong, consistent brand message through a combination of content marketing and PR initiatives can lead to a better brand image, which can, in turn, foster new corporate relations, business opportunities and consumer bases.


PR and content marketing teams should work hand-in-hand, complement each other and evolve together. There is no point debating over which is more essential or greater than the other. Rather, the two teams should collaborate to bring out the best of each other and empower companies to achieve a far greater result.  In the end, PR and content marketing share a common goal, which is to build and sustain the brand’s reputation and longevity.

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