How newsroom tactics can help with your content marketing efforts

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Some corporate leaders are natural born communicators. They have expertise in crafting content narratives that deliver insightful stories on brand and marketing, and the media frequently reaches out directly. Their proactive comms has essentially become a business strategy.

Then there are also quite a few organisations that would rather stay away from the limelight. The possibility of any PR blunders frightens them. Any public shaming or impact on the brand is their worst nightmare. 

They need to fear no more. Today, communication professionals can help create narratives and build content connecting with the target audience. They present story angles that are engaging with readers and get the attention from editors.

Especially ex-journalists and former editors have the experience and skill set to address these pain points. Organisations and PR agencies—such as PRecious—frequently rely on this group. Here are a few things that corp comms can learn from them.

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In order to be heard in today’s content economy, one has to adopt the mindset of a newsmaker. Is my story fit to print? Is it interesting to the reader? If you plan to send an op-ed or byline to a newspaper or online publication, think about what specific expertise and knowledge you can contribute. Find the subject-matter experts within your company and let them play a part. They might become your next thought leaders and spokespeople.

Speed is of the essence. Organisations tend to have long approval cycles and stories might already be outdated when they get the final signoff. This is something that PR people experience frequently with their clients.

Finally, authenticity. Let your executives speak directly and let them share their first-hand insights and anecdotes, as well as their own views. Surprise the editor with an original perspective and captivating story! Take a stance!

The media landscape might appear confusing to many, these days. Technology has allowed new, faster channels to emerge, while traditional outlets are forced to cut back. But your comms shouldn’t disregard the latter. Legacy media still has a lot of credibility, important audiences and strong distribution capabilities. You want to leverage on that.

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