High Heels and Chicken Feet – My Adventure “Singapore”

Vivienne’s Intern Diaries: Part 2
August 15, 2017
Meet Lars Voedisch, One of Singapore's Brand Minds
Meet Lars Voedisch, One of Singapore’s Brand Minds
October 25, 2017

An internship at PRecious from the German perspective

By Conny Steenblock, Intern

First time overseas. First time Asia. First time Singapore. As I barely had any exposure to the Asian world before, I was clueless about what to expect from my six-month internship at PRecious. After being welcomed so warmly by my team and having explored the Singaporean way of living, I can definitely say that the decision to accept the challenge was the best I could have ever made.

From the beginning of my internship, I was involved in supporting exciting clients, who even have a German background. Every time I shared with my family and friends back home about the Bundesliga being one of them, their eyes widened. Not only positioning well-known technology companies like the DAX30 supplier Retarus in the local media, but also responsibilities in business development processes have offered me a steep learning curve in PR practices across the region. Having the opportunity to attend media events and meet local correspondents of ARD and ZDF (main German broadcasters) was just one of the numerous highlights during my internship.

Apart from office hours, my team introduced me to most various Singaporean culinary delights. Coffee is served in plastic bags and the food paradise just around the corner awaits your daily arrival. While chicken feet, frog leg porridge and durian take much getting used to, I fell in love with Kaya, a typical Southeast Asian coconut jam. Singaporeans love eating as much as shopping and regularly transform the underground into a runway. These culture clashes gave me a pleasant surprise and encouraged me to discover other Asian countries. Breath-taking places and most humble people were my rewards.

This Singaporean adventure not only broadened my horizon and awakened the travel bug in me forever, but also has given me the chance to grow professionally and be part of a unique team that I will truly miss!

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