Gen Z Speaks: The PRecious Values I Stand for

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A company’s identity is defined by its values. Here at PRecious, we stand by values, such as inclusivity, teamwork, and growth-mindedness. We believe that the most successful communications campaigns are a solid collaboration among strategists and creatives, and we find strength in unity, supporting each other as we elevate our campaigns to a whole new level. 

We asked our youngest members to share how they live by the PRecious values, and how they are integrating into the PRecious culture.


A sense of kinship 

The bond that I’ve made with my Indo colleagues is definitely one of a kind. Among the organisations I’ve had the chance to be part of, PRecious has the strongest sense of kinship ever. Kinship is essentially what bonds people together, and this is very important as we work towards achieving our goals.

PR is a relationship-driven business, and knowing how to maintain a sense of camaraderie among teams and work harmoniously with partners and our media friends is a must to succeed. Being part of the PRecious bunch is a blessing, and I’m constantly grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn something new with my teammates everyday, while also practising these insights in other areas of my life.

Aurellia Nathania, Junior Client Executive, Indonesia office

Team spirit and communication

Marco Li

Here at PRecious, I feel that teamwork and communication are among the most important values that I live by.  By communicating openly and transparently, I am able to build rapport with my teammates, forge relationships with media and external stakeholders, and manage clients professionally.

In a fast-paced, ever-changing industry such as public relations, having a close-knitted team with strong communication lines ensures that the team is able to keep up with changing client demands as well as adapt to rapid changes in the media landscape.

Good team communication and teamwork also ensure that the team is able to perform at an optimal level, and deliver exceptional service to clients. 

My colleagues at PRecious Communication are among the best and closest I’ve ever gotten a chance to work with. I believe that teamwork makes the dream work—and that this team spirit is what makes us ready to tackle and overcome any and all forms of challenges and obstacles in our way.

Marco Li, Junior Client Executive, Life

Growth and learning


Having a growth mindset is important at PRecious. With the nature of PR becoming increasingly integrated, we are constantly required to learn and pick up new skills along the way. Our learning here is greatly supported. Not only do we have training sessions to gain new knowledge, we are also encouraged to voice what we may want to learn beyond our original scope of work. I am thankful to be part of a supportive and understanding team that has provided me with great guidance, which is especially important for PR newbies like me. Being in PRecious has truly allowed me to grow and learn in a comfortable environment.

Shannon Lim, Junior Client Executive, Social

A solid team culture


Teamwork is at the heart of great achievement, and this is something that I am grateful for at PRecious. At PRecious, we help one another out regardless of which team we are in. I am grateful to be surrounded by approachable colleagues whom I am comfortable seeking guidance and counsel from. This also motivates me to step out of my comfort zone and help the team to the best of my ability. 

While communications is a fast-paced industry, a strong, close-knitted team helps with boosting morale and maintaining positivity. With the ongoing pandemic and a shift to hybrid working, the value of having a great work culture cannot be overemphasised.  I’m glad that everyone at PRecious supports each other in spite of challenges and difficulties.

Charlotte Lim, Junior Client Executive, Inc

Work-life balance and collaboration


Balance has been a core value for us. Despite the fact that this industry is undoubtedly fast-paced and can be incredibly demanding at times, we remind ourselves and each other that balancing our work and personal lives is key to our wellbeing as both individuals and workers. While working outside of office hours is sometimes unavoidable, we make use of our 9-to-6 office hours in the most effective and efficient way possible. This also encourages us to work more collaboratively. Rather than trying to bear the weight of the world by ourselves, we seek each other’s help and expertise to create a product that is significantly better than if it had been a solo effort. I think the emphasis on teamwork and a healthy work-life balance is incredibly unique to PRecious’ ethos and I am glad to be working in an environment that is so forward-thinking.

Michaela Emmanuelle Wong, Junior Client Executive, Malaysia

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