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Coronavirus has already had a seismic economic impact on us all, affecting every business and family in Southeast Asia, but we don’t yet know how bad it will get or how this will end even after more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions.

In times of crisis, comes great confusion. No matter where you or your business is based in Southeast Asia, if you need expert advice, call us and we will guide you. No obligations and commitments. Just pure assistance. Because we want to.

Build trust with your audiences

PRecious Communications' Service Commitment Remains Strong

We are in this together

It’s hard to imagine a more challenging time to be a business leader. Like us, you’re probably spending every spare moment thinking about how to adapt and stay ahead in a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment. We get it, and we’re here to help.

The current crisis is impacting all of us in ways that we couldn’t have imagined, and none of us is alone in our concerns about the future. In a world that is increasingly divided, it’s important to remember that we’re at our best when we come together, collaborate and share. And, in a period where there are so many things that we simply can’t do, we should never forget what creativity can do.

committed to support you

Business as Usual, in These Unusual Times

As flexible, loyal and committed professionals, we are fully equipped to work remotely and will continue to faithfully serve our clients, colleagues and the business community at normal capacity. Aligning ourselves with the new government guidelines, we have switched to a complete work from home model in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, while being in close virtual contact with our consultants across the region.

 It’s business as usual during these unusual times, and we will continue to support your communications needs throughout this period.

New Media Engagement Formats

For communicators, marketers and business leaders, as with every crisis, it presents an opportunity for communicators to evaluate their content, marketing and business strategies. Stakeholder loyalty and engagement remains an always-on task, which means we have to collaborate and identify more creative ways to get your messages to them.

There is no change in tried and tested formats such as press releases, email interviews, newsjacking, targeted pitching. However, we will need to get creative and adjust some of our PR and Marketing activities.

Leadership Training & Crisis Communications

Digital Marketing

Brand / Product Launches

Community Connect

We are genuinely eager to be a resource, now more than ever.

If you’d like help with any of these items or have other questions on how PRecious Communications can support you, simply get in touch with us at

Will you be ready for the rebound?

We have seen brands across the world become more strategic with their marketing activity and budgets amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many consumers have turned to the online space and want brands to keep their social channels ‘normal’. Think about how you can keep your content informative, aspirational and engaging. 

With the front pages of national papers and websites dominated by the COVID-19 epidemic, there are many other media titles that need content that isn’t focused on COVID-19. Think about your consumer base and where they normally see you. Don’t switch that visibility off.

Unlike traditional advertising, which is often a one-way dialogue between a brand and its customers, PR is built around creating and nurturing two-way relationships. Think about how you can build a community by promoting case studies, real life experiences and the positive efforts your business is taking can help to influence consumer decisions.

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