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August 10, 2021
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August 10, 2021

Our internship programme may only last for a few months, but it has a profound impact on one’s career journey. For most of us, an internship serves as an introduction to professional life: It gives a glimpse of working environments, allows us to expand our professional networks, and provides an avenue to gain experience and mentorship. 

At PRecious, we strive to deliver a great internship experience. After all, we have a hand at moulding the next generation of PR leaders and the responsibility to give them the foundation they need to thrive in their careers. 

We ask our PRecious millennials to share what it’s like to be part of the team – and ways they keep the team spirit alive as they work from home.

Positive energy, inclusive team culture

I’ve only joined PRecious quite recently, but one thing I found commendable is PRecious’ dynamic company culture. Everyone is just radiating positive energy. The work environment is very vibrant, and everyone in the team is really gunning for goals. 

I felt very welcome with the initial onboarding and orientation sessions. Given the current pandemic situation, staying connected with colleagues can be quite challenging for some of us who aren’t used to telecommuting. But my team made it a point to constantly check in – so I can have the guidance I need to successfully carry out day-to-day tasks. Regular calls with my teammates have allowed me to build meaningful connections virtually with the people I work with. Even though I have not met everyone personally, I appreciate how PRecious does its best to nurture an inclusive team culture.

Chelsea Cheong, Junior Client Executive, Life

Camaraderie and mentorship

From the very first team meeting, I already knew that PRecious is a goal-oriented, positive team that strives to deliver the best service for clients, while empowering us to reach our full potential. Coming from a heavy sporting background, I appreciate the camaraderie that I see and feel within the agency and my superiors’ genuine concern for my well-being. The management ensures that all members of the team feel welcome and included, occasionally initiating light banters and small talks.

The most interesting thing about the e-office culture that I have noticed is how PRecious places a huge importance on mentorship. Senior staff never shy away from educating juniors around work-related processes. This has not only provided me with new knowledge on public relations and client management, but also given me a sense of empowerment that has spurred me to produce the best work possible. I appreciate that my mentor has been patiently guiding me since day one, and has been frequently checking in with me to ensure that I’m on the right track and well integrated into the team. It helps that I get positive criticism and feedback from my managers as I become aware of my points for improvement.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to meet the rest of the team yet, I look forward to learning more about the wider team as I continue my PRecious journey.

Sean Soh, Graduate Trainee, Life / Integrated

Homely and tight-knit

What I find unique about the PRecious is the tight-knit team culture – where teams actually feel like “home” and family. I find this especially comforting amidst a pandemic, and I’m grateful to be part of a team that genuinely cares about its people. I like that our boss Lars proactively engages with us on platforms like Whatsapp and our weekly company wide calls, and makes an effort to bond with us all through jokes and exciting insights. As we’re all working from home, I like that my handlers frequently check in with me if  I am doing okay and managing well at work. I appreciate the weekly team and 1:1 catch-ups and bonding sessions, where we talk about anything from the latest K-drama craze to music recommendations and Olympic news updates.

For an upcoming team meeting, I plan to organise a mini scavenger hunt, where participants have to search their homes for an item that fits a generic description provided. My teammates would then have to share a story about the item they have found. I think this game will allow us to bond with each other in a meaningful way, as we exchange personal stories. I look forward to playing this game with my teammates for the upcoming call!!

Audrey Loy, Graduate Trainee, Edge

Warm embrace of acceptance

Life after graduation is often portrayed as scary. From what I’ve heard, it isn’t exactly easy to survive and thrive professionally, from long working hours, to seniors determined to give juniors a hard time. I heard stories of internships, where interns were only assigned coffee-making and photocopying duties. All these made me actually apprehensive to join an internship. But PRecious changed my perception: PRecious has a rather open work environment where people are encouraged to share ideas. I can easily talk to my boss, and all of my seniors are very kind, supportive, and helpful. My PRecious Indo team welcomed me warmly, and even set up a virtual onboarding session so they can get to know me better. We have regular  Zoom calls, where our discussions are not merely limited to work. We also talk about simple day-to-day stuff – like what we’re having for lunch for instance. This is how we stay connected in spite of the pandemic. I feel grateful whenever they check up on me and ask me how I’m doing. I appreciate my team’s efforts in trying to make me feel comfortable and accepted.

Aurellia Nathania, Junior Client Executive, Indonesia office

Supportive environment, sincere colleagues, shared spirit of earning

Since assimilating into everyday life at PRecious, one thing that struck me the most is how warm and supportive the environment and culture is. Being new to PR, having an assigned manager and buddy has greatly enhanced my professional growth. I’ve even had a mini crash course during my weekly meetings with my manager. 

In our fast-paced and busy industry, it can be really easy to get caught up with work and feel burnt out. Our colleagues and bosses encourage us to take breaks, whether it’s going for a walk or grabbing a coffee. I’m glad and encouraged that PRecious places importance on our personal well-being to stay not just productive, but also sane. 

Whether superior or peer by rank, there is a common spirit of learning amongst everyone. I truly appreciate how my colleagues are generous and forthcoming in sharing their knowledge and experience for my own learning’s sake. 

While everyone, even those outside of my team, has been very welcoming, the level of social interaction you get working remotely is definitely not the same as if you were at the office. Though nothing beats good ol’ coffee chats and lunch catch-ups, we try to connect through chat messaging applications beyond work responsibilities, and make jokes. These help us get to know each other beyond impersonal Zoom video calls. 

I do hope the current Covid-19 measures ease soon, so that I’ll be able to experience this amazing office culture even more in person.

Laura Chia, Junior Client Executive, Inc

Keen on embarking in a career in PR? Contact us around our 6 months internship programme at PRecious Communications to gain exposure at one of Singapore’s leading PR firms. We welcome graduates and students from universities, polytechnics or junior colleges from all backgrounds who are passionate about communicating in an impactful way.

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